Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I have had a really busy day and have moved all of my current projects forward.

Disappearing into the Blue
Today I got the backing for this quilt pieced. Finally. Usually I only work on this project at my Patchwork Group's weekly get together however I broke that rule this week. I worked on the backing a little bit last night and then again this afternoon after I got home from Patchwork. I was so close to finishing I just wanted to get it done. Tonight I even cut the fabric I am going to use for the binding.

working at home is not without its added complications. Patrick is a visiting cat whom we are minding for a few days but he has the "Quilting Helper Cat" routine down pat

Patrick the cat assisting with making the backing

Disappearing into the Blue top and backing ready to be packaged up and sent for quilting

Teddies and Pinwheels.
I took this to Patchwork to pin it (baste it) We have great tables there for pinning on. However when I went to do it I found that my cat had piddled on the backing fabric! Great. I bought it home, washed and dried it, ironed it and tonight I got it pinned. I had some hand dyes in the backing which ran a bit to my dismay. Most of the fabric that it leached into will actually be cut off so I have left it. Hope I don't regret this move

pinning this at home. Had to clear off my cutting table to do it but easy enough to do. 

Twist and Disappear
I got it pinned today at patchwork. I found that one of the pinwheels in it is coming adrift a little bit... seam has come undone so I am going to have to do some hand stitching before I start to quilt it.

I got it pinned. Yay. Originally I had planned to use 2 old flannelette sheets as the wadding and to have a backing as well. I forgot to take the backing with me but decided to just go with the 2 sheets. I just wanted to get it pinned. I hope I don't regret it.

my pinned pile. Now to get the quilted. Hoping to have at least one finish by Sunday!

Bathroom renovations
These are progressing. The builders finished up on Friday and all that is left to do is the painting which Fixit Guy is doing. He has also started doing some other plastering jobs that need doing about the house. He is doing a few touch up paint jobs whilst he has his overalls out. The en suite is almost done. He has to remove the painters tape and finish off a little bit of trim.


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  1. I'm sorry the color ran, but the pin wheel quilt is still quite cheerful!
    I know so well the feeling of just wanting them done so that I can quilt!

  2. So sorry about your color running. I love to hand dye fabric and I use Dharma dye products. If it helps any, I wash all my dyed fabric in Synthrapol first to get out all the excess dye that might run, and then I wash it in Retayne which sets the color permanently. You can get those at Dharma too.

    Envious of your bathroom renovation. Congrats!