Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

I thought when I wrote my early stash report last week that I wouldn't have anything to report for a couple of weeks because I would be away so no sewing. Well yes, that is write, no sewing, so no fabric used but... where have I been... I've been Away and that means finding shops to visit - patchwork shops to be precise. So... nothing sewn ... but....

First acquisition.
We stayed overnight with my brother and his wife. Christine (of Bluebirds and Bumblebees) had a little present waiting for me. This gorgeous apple fabric she had seen and thought of me Assorted Apples by Nutex, a NZ company.(I collect Apple and apple core fabric) as well as the notebook. Lovely. 1m

Second Acquisition
Lincraft had a 50% off fabric sale on. I was pretty restrained. Actually it wasn't hard to be restrained. There wasn't a lot of patchwork fabric out and to be honest the "buying for the sake of buying" bug has left me. Fabric diets do that to you. I did buy 4m of minky fabric for quilt backing. I bought the tan but was thinking afterwards maybe it should have been the pale blue but it was pretty wishy washy so the tan was better

Third Acquisition
Visited the patchwork shop that was on the same road as our holiday cottage. They had a specials shelf. I saw some apple fabric... brown background with some other motifs as well. I wondered if it would go with my fabric from Christine. So I got a metre of it and a metre of some pretty green stuff too. (Side note. The fabric was $10 m which is a good price in Australia for quilt shop quality fabric. A very good price. It amused me a heap to read Quiltcabana's musing on her blog as to when does fabric get too expensive to buy and they were thinking $13m. Fabric in quilt shops here is regularly $25-$30 a metre. It hasn't stopped people quilting. Once you have the bug you don't stop. You just buy more judiciously)

So nothing out but 7m in. Oh dear.

When I got home today there was a parcel waiting for me - my lovely Disappearing Into the Blue back from my lovely longarmer Kym from Professional Quilting Services.  Getting the binding on that done will see a big finish so maybe next week I will have recouped my losses. At least I am still in positive use territory.

Used this week:                        0m
Added this week                        7m

Year to Date Used                     100.58
Year to Date added                     79.27
Net Used                                    21.31

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  1. Oh I didn't notice that the fabric had apples on it. It was the NUTex that made me think of you...

    1. Once again I have to say it... Brat

  2. I also resisted the Lincraft half price sale - except for fabric required for a couple of small quilt panel commissions I'm working on. Nearly all my fabric is bought from the US....