Friday, July 18, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - on a Friday

I can write my stash report today as I am going away tomorrow and the machine is not coming so there will be no stitching done in the next 10 days. I did suggest to Fixit Guy that perhaps I would take my sewing machine with me but I got "the Look" My kids know this look. Its sort of "No" "Are you kidding me?" "As if" and a few other things rolled into one. He doesn't say no very often - the look sort of does it.

Anyway... this early report will be it for the next two stash reports.

I have had 2 finishes this week and again NO fabric purchases.

Twist and Disappear.
Its done. I put it under the machine one night and got all the quilting done, including the border. The next day I trimmed it up and machined the binding on front and back. I wrote all about it in Wednesday WIP report. It was good to get it done. I think this is destined for charity. I will take it to the office for Uniting Care when I get back.

Fabric used 4.06m

Gamer Girl's Christmas Stocking
This was one of my July goals. Think it was also April or May's goal too but I got it done. She loves My Little Pony but had none of that fabric, let alone anything Christmassy. I did wonder about making it rather alternative in black and white or something like that but in the end decided to make it so that it matched Kombi Boy's stocking in traditional colours. I couldn't remember how I had made the other one, even with it sitting there. I cut out 2 stocking shapes by tracing around KB's stocking onto some old white sheeting.
I used Kombi Boy's stocking as a pattern
 I cut out some wadding (that I had Frankenbatted) the same shape. Then I sort of paper pieced and quilt as you go onto the fabric and wadding using 1.5" strips of christmas fabric. I had to sort my 1.5" strip scraps to find the Christmas strips first. Whilst I was on the job I thought I would sort the rest of my strips that were jammed into a plastic drawer. I basically sorted them into colour with separate piles for my Australian themed strips and Christmas strips. (this took ages and meant I didn't get any sewing done yesterday)

It was tricky working my way around the corner of the stocking. I had to bring the strips into a point and fan out behind to get them around the corner.

I started at the toe of the stocking. Not sure why

Around the corner and up the leg


It matches Kombi Boy's stocking. His is the only one that "kicks" to the right. All our stockings kick to the left so Gamer Girl's matches his.

Fabric used .5m

Used this week:                        4.56m
Added this week                        0m

Year to Date Used                     100.58
Year to Date added                     72.27
Net Used                                    28.31


  1. The stockings are lovely. So cheerful. Does his kick to the right because he is a leftie?

  2. I love your grandchildren's stockings! I have one grandson who is in need of a made-by-Nana stocking, so your post reminded me of this job! I am curious about the "projects finished and NO fabric purchased". Your Stash Report is pretty good I'd say! Sounds like something I should do, just sayin'...might have something to do with the voluminous stash I have built up...and my scraps that keep on having babies, lol. I like that charity quilt too, such happy colours!