Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Fitness

Its been a rather chilly week here although compared to temperatures experienced by other places its not that cold but... 3 degrees C is cold for us. Some places around had negative temps. Brrrr

Still I have managed to keep up my steps on Fitbit achieving 10 000 steps most days. I did have a low day on Saturday but we had driven into Yeppoon and had an evening service so 4 hours sitting in a car puts a dint in the steps you can chalk up. I am sitting about 4th in my friends list. 2 of my friends have been on active holidays which have included huge hikes etc so their step counts have been massive. They are currently sitting at over 120 000 steps and that isn't going to happen with me any time soon. I'm currently sitting on 82 432 steps for the last 7 days.

I have been walking 3 times a week with my good friend Maree (who has just got her own fit bit so we will be challenging each other I am sure) Even though the temperature has been 4 degrees we have still gone for our walk down by the river. It is getting so dry. No rain for months. The grasses are drying off. There have been more kangaroos about the place as the grass by the drains that lead down to the creek is the only green pick about. There have been lots of river birds about too. And sulphur crested cockatoos as well. Just gorgeous. I usually only have my phone with me on my walk so my photos aren't as wonderful as they might be. I am trying though. Fixit Guy and I have walked most afternoons as well

Sulphur crested cockatoo hiding in the branches

On Sunday we were able to go for a lovely long walk along the beach as we were in Yeppoon overnight. It made a lovely change from our walks by the river although both are beautiful in their own way. We got to eat breakfast overlooking the beach. That is something we can't do at home
There were lots of others out there enjoying a morning stroll as well

Seagull scaring.

"Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not to your own understanding" Writing texts in the sand has been a tradition for Fixit Guy and me over the years. This is a favourite.

I have also done some running! I am up to week 4 day 2 of C25K. I tried to weigh myself but the battery on the scales is flat so no joy there. Probably good to keep myself in ignorance.

All our children are in town this week. Our oldest son (known as Massage Man) lives in Melbourne but he came home for a week. Our younger two boys are at university in Brisbane but are in town for the uni mid year break. Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl are staying at her father's place but our youngest Boyo is at home. Our daughter Fangirl lives in town. We have taken the opportunity to have a few family dinners and get togethers including a bbq here at the house and one out at the nearby Dam.

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