Friday, July 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday on Friday

I'm still running late with my blog updates this week. Luckily lots of my readers are in the USA so they don't know that they are late... except that I put it in the title. Confession is good for the soul!

In a previous Throwback Thursday post I showed pictures of the quilt that I made for our first host son Sho.(See this blog post) We hosted Sho in 2004. We had two other year long hostings, Joergen from Norway in 2005 and Lena in 2006. I made both of them quilts. We also hosted a girl from the USA. It was supposed to be for a semester but it didn't work out with us and she moved to another family. She didn't get a quilt.

Joergen's quilt didn't get made whilst he was with us. Fortunately we visited him and his family in 2006 and were able to take the quilt with us then

Joergen's quilt was a square in a square design. The centre square featured pictures of things that he was interested in or which reminded us of him. The surrounding triangles were Australian aboriginal prints

Lena had definite ideas for her quilt. She asked me to make it to match her room back home which was in pinks and reds.

My not so happy quilting assistant. It was a long time ago

I worked some of my Australian fabrics into the back of her quilt

That oh so happy quilting assistant again!!

The label featured a poem adapted from another quilt label I saw



  1. The quilts are great. It must have been fun to host an exchange student! You do amazing things.