Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday

I ran one day only this week. On Monday with my husband walking I did a bit of a run. My phone had gone flat so couldn't use any of the timing programs I have on that (I have Endomondo, C25K in a couple of versions, Nike and even my Fitbit has something that times how long you have been running for. Not to mention the timer on the phone. So instead I was running and counting in my head. I would run whilst I counted to 300. Not 300 steps but hopefully 300 seconds but who knows. Then I would walk for 100 and go again. Well that was the plan. Somewhere along the line I did manage to run 3 lots of 300 steps and my watch sort of agreed that it was 5 minutes each time. I would have liked to have done more but.... yeah I didn't. 

Now Fixit Guy has retired he is happy to walk with me the mornings I don't walk with my walking buddy. Maree and I are supposed to walk 3 times a week but sometimes she is away, or I am away, or one of us is  not feeling too well. I like walking with FG. I enjoy his company but when I walk with him I am not so inclined to run... will have to force myself to do it though or I will lose my running legs. (ok my shuffling jogging legs.)

Walking with Fixit Guy and Jack beside the river. It is so very dry here now. We desperately need rain. 

 Have managed to walk twice a day Monday to Friday this week and once Saturday and Sunday. I have made my 10 000 step target all but one day this week and my 7 day count yesterday was 84 000 which was pleasing. Some of my friends had some big days over last weekend and I had had some low days over the weekend the week before so I slipped down the list on my Fitbit friends. However having kept up my steps this week (and my friends reverting to normal behaviour lol) I am back to 3rd. One friend has been making a concerted effort to up his steps and he is consistently out in front along with a friend of my daughters who is a gym fiend and runs heaps there. I don't dream of catching them. If I ever overtake them I know its cause they haven't synched for a while.

And my weight. back up to 89.6 this morning. Not sure why I have jumped up again. I did eat 3 rock cakes yesterday and my evening meal was pretty hefty but mostly veggies. However I still can't get motivated to track my food.

Random photo of Jack. You can never have too many photos of Jack. Its been a bit cooler here of late again. Jack has been enjoying his sleeping bag. 

After church on Sunday we had a shared lunch and then a game of cricket at a church member's property. I was on the fielding team

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  1. You've had a great week! Good for you on getting some running in. Better to walk with your hubby and save running for when you don't have company along. It does look quite dry there. Hope you get some rain soon.