Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fitness

This is becoming a bit boring. When I was running more it was exciting to be able to update my times etc but this week once again I didn't run at all. Fixit Guy walks with me every day my friend doesn't and I enjoy his company so don't tell him I want to run instead. Cause I would rather walk with him! I need another run to aim for. That will be my inspiration to get back to it.

Here's today's photo taken about 6.30AM. The rain last weekend has caused some of the brown grass to freshen up and green to come through.

However I did walk twice most days this week. There was at least one day when we only got out the once if not two days. However my fitbit stats for the last 7 days (as of 8.30 AM this morning so today is only just  begun ) are 82,028 steps so I am averaging over the 10 000 steps which I have as my minimum. I have made that mark every day which is pleasing. There is a new challenge starting up in September

Its Called Steptember and its raising money for Cerebral Palsy. Its a world wide thing. The money I am raising is going to support the Cerebral Palsy  in Australia but it is going on in lots of other countries as well. It starts on September 3rd so you have plenty of time if you want to sign up. Otherwise you can donate to my team ;) or you can donate to your own country's fundraising. (you might have to google that... I couldn't find the international site)

The link to donate to my team is

 This is the official  blurb that they sent me to send out

From Wednesday, 3 September I will be taking on the challenge of completing 10,000 steps a day, for the entire month of Steptember to raise vital funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
The average office worker only takes around 3,000 steps per day, so 10,000 steps a day is going to be quite the challenge.
But it’s for a very worthy cause.
Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. One in two people with cerebral palsy are in chronic pain due to the tightening of their muscles. Many will never be able to take a single step without assistance.
If you’re not sure where to start, a donation of $55 could support research actively preventing CP in newborn babies
You can donate to my fundraising page: (
Any amount you contribute would make a huge difference to children and adults living with cerebral palsy and of course encourage me to complete my 10,000 steps per day!
Thank you so much,

P.S. You’ll receive an automated receipt as every donation over $2 is tax deductible.(thats for Australian taxpayers)

Weight wise things are pretty stable. I am still hovering around 89kgs going up or down a little bit. I don't' think things are going to change till I get serious about tracking my food. Maybe after this weekend! Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I are off to Brisbane to see a show. We will also be seeing our solicitor AND catching up with Kombi Boy, Gamer Girl and Boyo so it should be good. It will involve a fair bit of walking and a lot of eating so hopefully the two will balance each other out. I might get to a fabric shop as there is a Lincraft in the city but the only thing I might buy there is thread. I have put  myself back on a fabric diet. No fabric purchases for the rest of the year unless it is to complete a project!

How has your week been? Have you been meeting your fitness challenges? I have two fellow bloggers who have started up Fitness Friday reporting too. I haven't worked out how to do a Linky thing. If anyone knows and wants to explain it to me (or send me to a website that has the tools there)...


  1. I've thought about doing a linky too. I do mine through If you do one, I won't and I'll be a linky player on yours!

  2. I wish one of you would! PS...did you know that inlinkz has a way that multiple bloggers can share one link up? The widget appears on each of their blogs and people who link up are linked on all of them. Maybe we could do one big #twilter #QHC blog hop every Friday. This link explains it a little better.
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