Friday, January 22, 2016

Fitness Friday - back on the horse..well the trail anyway

Very pleased to announce that this week has been a much better week. I have been eating a little better - not scoffing copious amounts of chocolate anyway or drinking plenty of wine so not as many conspicuous calories going in anyway. 

This week though I have worked hard at getting my steps up and managed to make it to 10 000 steps most days.

Friday:               13 159
Saturday:           12 325
Sunday:               6 874 (only one walk being Sunday :) )
Monday:            13 276
Tuesday:            13 146
Wednesday:       10 127 (you can get the idea of how busy I was on 
Thursday:          10 222  these 2 days when I say I only got one                                                walk in and still made my 10 000 steps)

Last week I set myself the goal of being back in the top 10 of my friends and I made it! It was Saturday or Sunday that I got back in there and have been up as high as 4th amongst my friends.

We've had some beautiful bright blue skies. It would be even better if they were cloud filled rainy ones but they make for lovely pictures, especially with it green around here at the moment. Some gum trees from our walks

The cockies (Sulphur Crested Cockatoos) are out in force at the moment. There are flocks of them about the place and a few times we have had them outside our home

We decided that since they are here long term Fangirl's cats were going to become inside outside cats. Where she lived they had to be indoor only because of the busy road she was on but we are on a quiet cul de sac. I know that the wildlife suffers when cats are allowed outside but we only let them out during the day and so far they aren't much good as hunters. Long may it last. They have enjoyed the experience and go out as soon as they can. Fangirl has moved to Brisbane and as yet doesn't have her own place but is staying with her brothers (Kombi Boy and Boyo) in our town house there or with a friend. (She doesn't want to wear out her welcome with her friend but she needs a bolt hole for when her baby brothers drive her nuts). If she can get a place on her own that she can have the cats at she will take them down with her... and they will become indoor only cats again. 


Our big boy cat Pippin was unimpressed when the interlopers invaded his outdoor space as well. Can't you tell?

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