Friday, January 15, 2016

Frightfully fat and flabby Friday



You know all that weight I lost when I got back from my previous holiday in October. I found it again. Well most of it. I got on the scales post Christmas when we got home and it said 98kgs. I jumped off again very quickly and hadn't been game to get back on them again till this morning.

I haven't been very discerning with what I have eaten since I got home either. I had good intentions to be good. But I haven't been. Good intentions should count for something. The box of chocolates in the fridge called my name ... loudly... and there was Boyo's birthday with cake and dinner out. Then there was a lovely wedding ... and ... yeah. Temptation.

I was going to walk every day... twice a day even as well and that didn't happen... well at least not until this week

On Sunday my friend Maree came over for a catchup.. We hadn't seen each other since I got back from hols which is pretty bad considering she lives about 7 houses away and we are besties.

Anyway she came over. Do you want to start walking again in the morning? I asked. Yes was her emphatic reply and so we have. 3 mornings in a row we walked. Then we were in Rocky for the day Thursday so we didn't walk. I did a lot of walking about the shopping centre. In fact I had 5 000 steps by the time we came home so that was as good as my morning walk. And we walked again this morning. Fixit Guy and I have managed an afternoon walk most days and even when he didn't come I went on my own (Go me)

Our morning walks have been around the streets as my friend prefers that but in the afternoon or when I walk without my friend I go down by the creek as then the dogs can run free and its more shaded ... and much prettier.

All this has meant that for 4 days in a row I made my 10 000 steps. I didn't get much more than the 10k but got them I did. And it has worked... margnially. The scales this morning said 97.9 (and that was after breakfast) so starting to edge downwards at bit.

There has been a fair bit in the press and social media about diets and exercise and what works and what doesn't.

I was really interested to read an article debunking detox diets.

Intense cleanse, weight loss, kick-start: Will a detox diet really rid your body of toxins and make you healthier?

It made good sense to me. Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins. We don't need to feed it special herbs to make it do its job. And the lack of details in the claims by so called detox diets are remarkable. We get rid of Toxins... what toxins... oh well not sure.... but they are toxic. So how can they be sure they get rid of them if they don't even know what they are.

I read another interesting article (which of course I now can't find) that said that any diet will work, for a time. Paleo, low carb. It was saying that some people have particular trouble losing weight for a variety of reasons. I really want to re read it but can't find it. Ah well

Anyway my weekly steps
Fri          8    6 476 (got one walk in)        
Sat         9    3 105  ( wedding. My dancing didn't rack up many points it seems)
Sun      10    2 071 (very slack slack day)
Mon    11   10 423 (yes! Walking twice a day again)
Tues    12   10 566 (2 days in a row)
Weds  13   10 829 ( 0n a roll!!)
Thur    14   10 370 (shopping is as good as walking it seems)

Today we have already done our morning walk so its looking good!

I've made it to 14th on my friends list too. No idea where I had slipped down to... too scary to contemplate. Hoping to get back to being in the top 10 by the end of the weekend for sure. I can do this

How are you going with your post Christmas flab? Are you all fired up with good resolutions? We shall see how we all go

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