Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Monthly Goal Review

My January Goals were
  • Work on Hashtag quilt.   This is now complete including the backing. Now to pin and quilt it.
  • Work on backing for POD quilt This has been completed and has been sent to my friend Kym to be quilted.
  • make label for Chanel's quilt This has been made. The label was sent to her grandma who stitched it on and delivered the quilt to the baby.
  • review and update WIPs and UFO list I went through my cupboard and wrote an updated list of both. The updated list is in the sidebar of the blog.
  • empty scrap basket I managed to get to the bottom of the scrap basket once during the month. Its started to fill again... but that just means I'm sewing

      • Hexie quilt Make 175 hexagons - I haven't actually counted how many hexies I've made this month... but I have made some :)
      • Hexie quilt -make 41 half hexies I decided not to make the half hexies till I finish the design and start to put it together and then I will know what colours the half hexies need to be.
      • Hexie quilt - work out design -Using hexie graph paper I have worked out a design. Its not quite finished but I now have a good idea where I am going and can start to stitch some hexies together.

      •  set up fabric tracker for 2016 - This is done. AND I've got a copy of it on my external hard drive. This week I had a bad fright when my computer wouldn't start up. I hadn't backed up for many months and I was really worried about what I might lose but fortunately the technician got it going again... whew.

      So its almost the end of the month and I have made excellent progress completing most of my goals and working on all of them. 

      How did you go with your goals for the month? Did you make good progress too?

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