Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday stash report

My computer has stopped working again. It's very frustrating believe me. I'll trade it to get looked at tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to access all my files again shortly. So these calculations for fabric used is guess work. When my computer is operational again I'll update figures accordingly

Thus week I've had a few small finishes. I made 7 little earbud zipper pouches. They don't use much fabric but they were a finish, I put some photos on my WIP Wednesday post. 

I've had some input too...that 2nd lot of fabric from Massdrop turned up. That's another 35 fat quarters to input. Eek.

I did use a metre of fabric in a project for my son's 21st birthday. The Tie fighter that Fixit Guy and Boyo made as a prop for the Starwars themed party needed a curtain at the back of it. It was only pinned in place so with the party over ( it was last night) it's back in my stash.

The Tie Fighter was very popular with the youngest party members.

And the not so young

The 2 constructive were enemies on the night. Below Boyo ( Luke Skywalker) battles it out with Fixit Guy (Dark Emperor)

The family in costume . Boyo, Fixit Guy, The Beast,( Chewbakker) Fangirl (young Pricess Leia) and me!( Leia from the latest movie)

Stats from Week 3
                 Fabric used         0.80m
                 Fabric added       8.22m

Year to Date
                 Fabric used         1.03
                 Fabric added     16.44m
Net Used                           -15.41m

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