Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goals Both Yearly and for this Month

I was busting to get back to my sewing machine whilst I was away. It seems that it is the first time in ages that I have gone away - in the car - for more than a few days that I haven't taken my sewing machine with me. I missed it. I probably wouldn't have had time to sew if I had taken it with me but the not being able to was what grated. So.. I was happy to be heading home to it. Have been home since Saturday night and here it is Thursday afternoon and I still haven't touched it.. have barely been in the sewing room at all since I got home. Not sure what is wrong with me LOL.

Yesterday it was my patchwork group meeting and I was planning on going until I remembered that my husband was out in his car and our son has my car whilst he works out of town. An hour or so later I remembered that I had my daughter's car here for just such occasions. Doh. I am semi pleased to report that when my husband tried to start her car for some reason later that day it wouldn't start because the battery (which had been playing up) was flat (American's say dead, Australians say Flat*) So if I had got myself really psyched up ready to go I would have been very disappointed.

I also really really missed my computer. I had broken the screen days before we went away and so had to leave it in the repair shop whilst we were away. I picked it up Monday morning... and took till yesterday morning to turn it on. Weird.

Anyway. I fired it up yesterday and wrote a couple of blogs and am on it again this morning. Hopefully I will sew a bit tonight.

MEANTIME - time to set some goals (if you can't get around to quilting you can at least write about quilting)

I have once again entered Sandy from Quilting for the rest of us Quilty Resolutions Challenge and give away.

Quilting...for the Rest of Us
 The challenge this year was to select three things which we were going to do to clean house mentally or physically in our quilting life. 

These were my three.

1.Keep my scrap bin emptied/under control - work on doing that monthly

2.Ensure my WIPs/UFOs list on my blog page is up to date. Release any that I am just not going to work on

3. Continue monitoring my stash - purchasing fabric thoughtfully with purpose. I will do this once again using an Excell Spreadsheet. The initial formula I use on mine was worked out by Pam from
 and now also The Stitch TV Show

My wonderful Fixit Guy has tweaked it to suit my purposes - one that allows me to calculate fabric used in non quilting projects as well)

Sandy also challenged up to come up with a word to be our guide in our quilty/fibre related endeavours this year.

My word for 2015 was DO and I chose it again this year. I love the saying "If it ain't broke why fix it". My reason was the same and it comes from Yoda. There is no TRY only DO or DO NOT.

January Goals: Time to get real. Its all very well having lofty year long goals so what do I wish to get accomplished this month

1. Set up my fabric tracker for 2016
2. empty my scrap basket
3 Review my WIPs and UFOs list.

That means I will have at least started my yearly goals. That is a good thing. Other things I would like to at least nudge along

4. Work on backing for my POD quilt
5 Complete the last of the hexies for the Hexagon quilt
6 Make the label for the quilt I have made for my new great niece Chanel Grace born on New Year's Day. She is my 11th great niece. I also have 10 great nephews and a baby on the way. I left the quilt with my sister when we visited at Christmas but we were on our way home when we heard that the baby had been born. I am to make the label and send it down to her and she will stitch it on and deliver it (and hopefully get a photo of baby and quilt together)

*Funny story about Flat/Dead battery. In 2006 Fixit Guy and I were in the USA on holiday with our 2 youngest boys. One morning our rented RV wouldn't start due to battery issues. We had coverage for roadside assistance with AAA via a reciprocal arrangement with our organisation here in Queensland (RACQ ) It took ages to get through to the assistance people as they had to check our details with Australia and ... I don't know but for some reason I was waiting on the phone for over an hour. Eventually I got through to the despatcher who was to send the service truck. What was our actual problem.  I said we had a flat battery. Total confusion. I was getting so fed up with it all having been waiting and waiting and waiting at a callbox - we didn't have working coverage with our mobile(cell) phones so I was out there on the street. I was just about in tears anyway and then to have this lack of help and understanding. Finally we worked it out. The RV wouldn't go. There was no charge in the battery... "Oh.. you have DEAD battery." Then we were both laughing as we worked it out

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