Saturday, January 16, 2016

River walking

Our regions has been in the grip of a drought over the last few years. Parts of our state have been in drought for 4 years so its pretty dire in some places. Things were looking really dry and bare - even by the river. The water itself and the trees along its edge gave some relief to the parched look of the place but it was dry and brown and barren looking

But its summer here and that is when we get our rain. Its still drought in lots of our state but we have had some reasonable rain here where we are and the grass has grown and its all looking rather lush.

My river walk has been revived. The grass has gown long and green. Now when the dog Digby rushes off through the grass as she is want to do we can pick her out (when the grass isn't too tall) Her fur is the exact colour of the dry grass so she is hard to spot when its not green.
Jack our other dog is even shorter than Digby but he is white and brown and so stands out pretty well in dry or fresh grass.

We hadn't had much rain before we went away on holidays. A few showers but not much. While we were away over Christmas the area got some good falls and in fact when we got back to town (January 2nd) it was a bit wet and muddy to walk by the river on the occasions I stirred my stumps to actually go out with the dogs. Finally a week or so ago it was dry enough to walk down that way again and its been beautiful. The grass is long and green. There isn't much in the way of wildflowers around but the grasses are in seed and they are beautiful in their own way.


  1. beautiful pictures, love where you live

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Glad you're getting some rain.