Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wrapping Up December and yearly Goals

My December goals were

  • Work on Amy Gibson Quilt - nope didn't do a thing on it.
  • Work on Hashtag Quilt - nope didn't touch it
  • Put Elephant Quilt Together - yes! I completed this quilt and gave it to the baby I chose to gift it to.
  • Work on Diamond and Dashes quilt - I have cut some of the shapes for this quilt and have purchased extra fabric to make it big enough as well as the fabrc for the diamonds and dashes.
  • Make 175 hexagons, 41 half hexagons - I think that this is how many I needed to do to have enough to complete the quilt. I didn't make them all but I did make some
  • Work out design for Hexie quilt - I printed out graph paper to do this on but didn't actually do any of it!!
  • Make Marauders map and rolled parchment for POD quilt. I did make the map but decided against the rolled parchment. I put the rest of the POD quilt together. The top is now complete.
  • Make 2 casserole covers - I actually made 3. I still don't have one for myself though
  • Prepare for Bonnie Hunter Mystery - that was a bust. I have decided not to do it
  • Start Droid Quilt - another bust. I might make it later on but its off the board for now.

So - not a great completion rate this month but given that I was sick for a week at the start of the month and away for 4 days mid month and 8 days at the end of the month I actually did pretty well. I also completed 7 zipper pouches that I hadn't intended to work on and finished off 4 small ornaments - so pretty good going really.


My Goals for 2015, based on Sandy, from Quilting for the Rest of us challenge to learn a technique that we had meant to learn or master and have a go at it. The technique that I chose was paper piecing and ... I have to say I have done that. I joined the 30 week POD challenge issued by Fandom in Stitches. This meant that there was a new pattern every week for 30 weeks. As well as completing all of those I did extra ones to go around the 30 blocks that made up the Harry Potter bookshelf. I also watched Carol Doakes' craftsy class on paper piecing. I didn't do any of the projects from the classes but I did implement many of the techniques she suggested. By the time I completed the quilt top I was able to adapt several of the designs to suit fabric that I had, eg make a bottle to put the butter beer label on, use the  labels that I bought from Spoonflower on potion bottles and adapt the photo frame to fit the photos I printed out.

My own personal goals for the year were
1) continue to track my fabric purchases and usage. I did this all year till the computer issues I had in December meant that I wasn't able to do this. My intake was less than my output which was my aim - even with the unrecorded intake of Dec (which was a good bit higher than my output... oops)

2) Purchase fabric with specific purposes in mind mind, not just to built the stash. Kept to this pretty well all year - occassional purchases made without specific projects were on the whole tone on tones which are always handy. I was given fabric by others clearing out their stash, and as Christmas presents. Can't help that now can I :)

3) Make mini quilts, I got ones made for for Australia Day,  and Birthday. I made a larger one for Anzac Day which I might declare suffice but may make a smaller one. I still have to make ones for Easter and Mothers Day.

4) Complete Donation quilts as required. I put together 3 quilts for my patchwork group as well as one for an online group I belong to. These were ones with blocks that others contributed (as well as some of my own). I made 3 quilts for members of an online group I am on who were going through difficult times. I gave these on behalf of the group. I also made a lot of smaller items for Handmade Love, a craft group that sells things to support a school in Zambia. I made hanging towels, zipper pouches, baby bibs, casserole carriers, and bandana bibs.

5) List Craftsy classes and work on watching them. Complete 2012 BOM one. I never did write the list but I did watch some of them and I did complete the blocks from the BOM (well all but the curved piecing one) The blocks are ready to assemble.

6) Continue to blog regularly. I have done this all year up till when my computer was out of action mid December

I had intended to add my goals for this month, both monthly and yearly but its now midnight and my husband is asleep in bed beside me. The insects are attracted to the computer screen since the bedroom lights are all off and they are driving me nuts so I had better call it quits. If I feel so inclined I might pop back and add some pictures to go with the goals... but then again... maybe I won't. I will be back very soon with my goals for this month and this year.

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