Friday, January 29, 2016

Fitness Friday

It Friday again! Some off you are shouuting with glee cause it is the end of your working week. For us ts a bit of a non event cause we are basically retired. As yet many of my weekly commitments haven't kicked back in after the start off school this week.

Friday for me is the day I write my fitness blog. Sometimes I get to skite a little sometimes I have to hang my head in shame. Today there is more of the latter for al srts of reasons.

Boyo's 21st birthday party and subsequent lefts over food meant that - yeah healthy eatiing has takeen a bit of a dive. There was way too much cheesecake left in the fridge to be good for me. Its ok though.... its all gone now. We are still finishing off the left over bbq steak but everything else is back to normal.

The party also meant that not a much walking was done as I'd have liked and added to that we have had some rain, a couple of evening commitments .... and yeah thiings are not too good on the step count. I'm well done my list of friends again. Sigh. AND my fitbit battery isn't lasting like it should andgoing  flat after just a couple of days which isn't helpful at all!! It only counted 789 steps yestetrday - not happy about that

Friday            11 677
Saturday         7 452 (party day. no walks but lots off running about the place)
Sunday           5 957(no walks but lots of cleaning up)
Monday        11 843 (only 1 walk but cleaning Fangirls townhouse ready for renting it out)
Tuesday        11 188 (2 walks)
Wednesday   12 616 (2 waks)
Thurday              793 - no walks and fittbit went flat with no warning grrrrrr

not surprisingly I've slipped way down my friends list. 22nd atm. My fitbit was charged up over night but this morning it is showing half battery and no steps. Im not impressed

Im battling with my ipad to put up these blog posts. sigh Hope you appreciate it. :)

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