Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I had planned to make great progress on the backing for my POD quilt this week. I did get a start on it and made some satisfying progress up till Saturday afternoon when we had a lovely wedding to attend. We had  known the groom since we moved to this town 26.5 years ago. We worked it out that our daughter, Fangirl was probably his oldest friend. They became friends at Sunday School. At the time he was living on a property a fair way out of town and was doing schooling by distance education. He started school, travelling in on a bus a few years later. He has many friends from his primary school. In fact his 3 attendants were all mates from Primary or High School. (and I worked out that I had taught all 4 of them, plus several other wedding guests)

Unfortunately the wedding was planned very quickly - they only got engaged in Sept and because she is a teacher and so limited to school holidays and her family had various commitments... they got married in January and Fangirl and her friend Bek (also a great friend of both the bride and groom) had already planned and paid for their 5 week trip to the UK so they missed it. I took lots of photos during the ceremony and celebrations and put them on Facebook so the travellers were able to join in. I had permission to do this from the bride as her brother was also unable to attend the wedding due to a baby expected just a week later.

So the sewing that was going on came to a halt at lunchtime (when we had guests) and hasn't resumed because......
I bought home the music folders from church on Sunday. Just one to start with. I had offered to enter the songs onto a data base and put them into alphabetical order. My original plan was to do just one folder a week till they were done (there are 7 of them) but once I got started - Monday after we had done the housework - I got a roll on. I took the finished one back up to the church and bought home a 2nd. Finished that and took it back up and bought home 2 more. Finished them the next day and took them both up ... and bought home the remaining 3. I got them finished off this morning and took them back up to the church. I had to sort into the folders up there the songs that I'd found in the last 3 folders. I thought that would be it.... but then I realised there were songs that were in an assortment of other folders that had been put together for various performances etc and never sorted back into the master folders (including a whole heap of ones for different instruments that at one time or other had been part of our junior band. That folded a long time ago. I realised I really needed to sort those out into the master folders and make sure they were on the data base too.

So I bought home what I hope is the last of the sheet music in the vestry and have spent this afternoon going through them, checking if I had them on the data base already and if not entering them. I am about half way through that job. I will take them back up to the church on Friday probably and sort them into the folders and that should be it... well for now. I still want to cross reference with the songs we have on Easy Worship, the program we use with the data projector for songs in church.

Once that is done our new minister will be able to see what songs we already have and choose songs from there or work out if he has to get music and words organised for the musicians in church.

For a quilting blog that was a very non quilting post. Still... its been what I have been working on and it isn't finished so is still a WIP.

I have made some progress on the backing for the POD quilt though. 

Fangirl had given me some fabric she discovered whilst packing up her town house prior to going on holidays (She is moving to Brisbane for work this year. She found out about her move 10 days before she left on her 5 week holiday. She starts her new position 3 days after she gets back. Crazy) One had owls on it and the other had other Harry Potter inspired pictures. There was a half metre of each. I cut them into strips and they became the centre of the backing.

 She also gave me some fabric feature female super heroes. I framed them to make blocks that were 13" wide. 
Likewise I made 13" blocks from a left over block from the front (I redid it) and made another Marauders Map block 
 I had some other Harry Potter fabric (Licensed stuff) that I made into blocks as well and then I used some purple fabrics as well, all cut to 13". I sewed these into 2 strips 13" wide.

 From my orphan blocks I got the piano key strips and sewed them into long lengths to go between each of the other strips - 4 all together. I have started to sew them to the other strips but that is as far as I got. I have the strips long enough for the backing (The top is 70" x 87") but have yet to make it wide enough. I was still figuring out what I would do to make it wide enough. I do have some of the background left over and what extra I need I will use some solid lavender. I kept some of the background for the binding.

When I piece the backing it is always a growth project... rather organic. It takes ages. When I choose to use backing fabric it is so much quicker but I have to admit I love my pieced back and the way I grow it appeals to me enormously. 

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  1. I'm also working on POD but I haven't worked on in in at least five months but I'm going to start again as soon as I get my quilts done for the quilt show.