Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mid month goal review

1. Set up my fabric tracker for 2016 DONE
2. Empty my scrap basket. Started. The basket is empty... but all the fabric is sitting on my ironing board, pressed, ready to be trimmed to size. Not all of it actually. Some of it has already been sorted by being thrown out or by being put in the drawer for strips under 1.5". I also found 4 panels that I had been given in there and they are now in the box with other panels and orphan blocks etc 

This is what the scrap basket looked like at the beginning of the month

This is what it looks like now.
But this is what my ironing board looks like :)

3 Review my WIPs and UFOs list. DONE
4. Work on backing for my POD quilt DONE. I have finished the backing and now have to parcel it up to send off to my friend Kym (From Professional Quilting Service) to quilt for me. The centre strip is Harry Potter inspired fabric and owls and some hand dyed fabric. The strips either side are made up of Harry Potter blocks and fabric, some female super hero blocks and more hand dyes. The wider strips are interspersed with piano key strips. Not sure what they were made for originally but they were in my orphan block container. Surprisingly I have yet more left over. The outside strips were assorted left over fabric - some was the background from the front of the quilt and some - old sheet from my mother in law's I think! I like how it came out.

5 Complete the last of the hexies for the Hexagon quilt. I have stitched a few more of these but I seem to have lost my mojo. I want to work out the design for it as well. Haven't done that either.
6 Make the label for the quilt I have made for my new great niece Chanel Grace born on New Year's Day. I had left the quilt in Sydney with my sister at Christmas time. As the baby hadn't been born it had no label on it. The baby was born the day we left for home. The quilt was made by me using embroideries my now 93 year old mother made. When I got home I posted the label to my sister (The baby's grandma) who stitched it on for me and the baby received the quilt this morning and my nephew put a photo of Chanel on the quilt on Facebook. Isn't she just gorgeous. My nephew wrote 

Chanel chilling out on her new quilt, which was made by her great grandmother and great aunt. A beautiful quilt made by two beautiful people!

How are you going this month? Did you set yourself some goals?

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