Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report and Update on Monthly Goals

It's 10 days into the month and even though I only articulated my goals a few days ago I am excited to be able to report I have made some good progress
1. Set up my fabric tracker for 2016 I've done this. I did it the slow way as my dh (ie Fixit Guy) was busy. He would have been able to do it simply but I did it my way... slow and tedious but got it done.
2. Empty my scrap basket. This did NOT happen... not yet anyway. I have dug through it and used some fabric from it... but largely its sitting there reproachfully near my sewing machine spewing everywhere.


3 Review my WIPs and UFOs list. I have done this. I went through my project shelves in the big white cupboard.

 I sorted them out. I didn't get rid of any I must admit. There is one heading that way but I'll marinate on the idea of turfing it for a little bit longer before I act. I wrote a list of all the projects I had and checked off what I had on my list on my blog. I got to take a couple off that had been finished. I have also created a new page which includes some of the projects that I have fabric for, and perhaps ideas for what I am going to do with them, plus the panels that I own. These are projects that haven't really started so I don't count them as WIPs or UFOs.

4. Work on backing for my POD quilt. Yes I have started! I put in a bit of time Friday and Saturday. I am piecing it so it is taking a while but I have made progress
I'm piecing it from a variety of fabrics. Fangirl gave me some fabric  (the owl f, the turquoise  that has various wizard.witch related items, and the wonder woman fabrics) that that I am working  in with a book block that I remade, another Marauders map, and various bits of purple fabric  pictured. Since I took the photo I've worked in some left over background fabric from the font and some leftover piano keyboard strips that were in my orphan block box. Will add some lavendar solid all around to make it big enough

5 Complete the last of the hexies for the Hexagon quilt No progress here at all. I will get there... eventually.

6 Make the label for the quilt I have made for my new great niece Chanel Grace born on New Year's Day. I got the label made and have posted it off to my sister who is going to stitch it onto the quilt and give it to the family for me (and take photos)

So... I was pretty pleased with the progress I have made in just a few days.

And its a zippo on the stash report. Nothing bought or acquired this year so far and no projects finished. That's pretty good too I reckon. I am still having guilts about not recording my purchases and gifts for December. I couldn't do it because my computer was out of action but still... feel guilty... but that is so stupid. Its not like its a crime or a major failing.  As at the end of  November I had a net usage for the year of 68.82m  

New year, new start.

Stats for week 2
                 Fabric used         0.00m
                 Fabric added       0.00

Year to Date
                 Fabric used         0.00m
                 Fabric added       0.00m
Net Used                              0.00m

I wasn't going to do the Linky as I had nothing to report but when I checked, Judy's fabric report was exactly the same so I linked up anyway. Might as well start of the right way

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  1. Some weeks you know that you are sewing but still have nothing to report. Then suddenly it all shows up. At least that is the way it is for me.