Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Stash report

I received in the mail this week some fabric that I ordered on Massdrop last year. Its some gorgeous Japanese fabric that I will use in a secret project. There were 35 fat quarters in the drop. Its the most beautiful fabric.

 Due to an error I made in the process I actually ordered it twice and so at some point another similar bundle is going to turn up. I don't really need the second bundle but I didn't get around to cancelling it and I have been billed for it. So far only one bundle has arrived. I won't mind if I DON'T get the second bundle so long as they refund me my money. According to the tracking notification it is still in transit so it may turn up in the next few days. Otherwise I will be on the war path over it.

I managed to get 2 little finishes done last night - 2 little zipper purses - incy wincy tiny finishes but they are a finish and so its not all negative this week. They are earbuds carriers - and I have 2 special people in mind to receive them. 


I think this is the first time I have had a negative on my spreadsheet ie more overall input than output. Some weeks I have had that but usually overall I have had it going out. Hopefully I will make up the deficit.

Stats for week 2
                 Fabric used         0.23m
                 Fabric added       8.22m

Year to Date
                 Fabric used         0.23m
                 Fabric added       8.22m
Net Used                             -8.22m

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  1. Love your little pouches. I hate zippers, so I don't make many things with them. I'm sure you will make up for the income. Fabric is beautiful!

  2. Sometimes you are sewing but the fabric is not showing. Then suddenly it all appears at once! So don't worry about the deficit. Think of it as enhancing your stash.

  3. Beautiful additions to your stash! If you have a project planned, it should go right back out. The Dr. Who ear bud cases are really fun.

  4. You could make two of your secret project and keep one. It is early in the year and hard to stay in the black, but you will get a few finishes soon and all be well. It was great to hear you at the Sew-in Friday (your Saturday) and hear a bit about what you are doing.

  5. Cute little earbud carriers. I've never seen anything like those. Your numbers will start going the right way soon, I'm sure. Beautiful Japanese fabric is worth the extra count.