Wednesday, January 6, 2016

sunday stash report really late... I found this in my drafts

It was a bust this week... a nil all draw. I've been sick most of the week with what feels very much like the fatigue I felt when I had Barmah Forrest virus. I had this first back in 2013 and had what felt like a relapse of it 12 months later and now again 18 months after the last bout. Medical tests last time showed no virus active in my system but as my doctor said, not much is known about Barmah Forrest virus so ... who knows. It may be a touch of chronic fatigue or it may be just that the virus ( or a bout of Glandular Fever back in 97) has left me a bit susceptible to fatigue. I don't know. But I know I have been wiped this week with very limited energy. I can do things for a while but then just have to go to bed. I blogged about the virus here when I was sick with it again last year

Anyway - suffice to say I haven't finished anything this week. I have worked away on a number of projects in little spurts but nothing completed. At the same time I haven't bought any fabric so... that is good.

Actually looking at my boxes that I keep my stash in I realise I am making progress on my stash and getting through my frequently used fabric. What is left in my boxes is more and more becoming the hard to use fabric.I might have to have a good go through it and decide if I am going to use that fabric, and how I am going to use it or else give it away to someone who might use it.

Part of the reason I haven't joined in the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is that I didn't really have the fabric in my stash that I could use and I was reluctant to go out and buy 13 metres of fabric. - on something that I might not like in the end. I do like scrappy quilts BUT I like to use my scraps in scrappy quilts and not buy fabric... if that makes sense. But I did buy the special rulers to use with it... I don't have to put rulers in my stash report.

I have finally got my hands on my Hashtag blocks from our Twilters block swap. Another quilt I need to put together. Oh that reminds me... Carole who did our block swap sent me some fabric with my blocks...I should count that into my stash but I haven't measured it... so will count it next week.

Stats for week 49
                 Fabric used         0.00m
                 Fabric added       0.00

Year to Date
                 Fabric used      145.52m
                 Fabric added      76.70
Net Used                             68.82

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